How to Waist Train

How to Waist Train

I'm here to inform you on how to WAIST TRAIN CORRECTLY in order to see maximum results!!

But First, ALWAYS wear an under shirt. We want to waist train for long periods of time. Sweat and frequent movements can cause friction and irritation on the skin & we don't want that!

Now that that's understood, for the best results put your waist trainer on first thing in the morning. I'm talking about as soon as you get dressed for the day! Your stomach is the flattest in the morning and that the goal we are going for all throughout the day.

Next make sure your waist cover the back. We dont want it flipping up or getting in the way. (if the straps are pulled too tight it will also cause the waist trainer to flip/ ride deep in back).

The goal is 6-10 hours, if you can wear it for longer that is also great!! The objective is to eat every meal with it on! This will help restrict how much and how fast you are eating. The waist trianer will get tight on your stomach causing you to feel bloatness, discomfort, and extremely full. THAT IS GREAT! Drop the folk and bag away from the table! Do Not Take It Off To Keep Eating!! Save that food sis!! We got body goals we are trying to meet

When You have completed your 6-10 hours remove the waist trainer! If you can do not eat without it on! & remember the next day repeat!! This is how you properly waist train!!

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